1. Had a amazing camp in invermere this weekend. Stoke levels are high with winter right around the corner.

  2. Had a wicked day fishing Chester lake with my man Phil Wood. The larches were going off and the sun was shining couldn’t ask for more. I didn’t get lucky but he bagged three Cutthoat. 

  3. Summer is back… Had a little picnic to celebrate! Dem mountains though!!

  4. Canmore you are pretty pretty!!

    Canmore you are pretty pretty!!

  5. Today was a Cowboy boots kinda day…

    Today was a Cowboy boots kinda day…

  6. Yesterday it was 27 degrees. I enjoyed some sushi on a park bench with this lovely lady. Today winter came… and made Kevin an epic picture.

  7. That would be pretty scary!

  8. Here is more of the Haig. Such a sick day had a great time stoked that this is my job… kinda.

  9. The Haig Glacier was a ton of fun here are some photos of the four days. Must say that it doesn’t get much better than this. 

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